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Welcome to Redwall.

A message from the honorable trade councilman Darush ibn Naseem al-Yashim:
Welcome to Redwall! A bustling harbor city teeming with life, wealth, and secrets, Redwall has stood and prospered for thousands years thanks to hardy dwarven walls and industrious human hands. If you have stopped for a visit, our grand square is unrivaled throughout the world! Who could forget . And of course don’t leave without tasting our local delicacy, fried spiced kraken! Whatever your pleasure, I guarantee you will not forget your visit!
-Sincirely Yours,
-D.N. al-Yashim

A Hundred Thousand Faces

The people of Redwall are diverse, industrious, and more than a few could use a bath.

With just over 200,000 people, Redwall is a teeming city, with hundreds of brotherhoods, guilds, noble houses, and holy orders. Here are some of the more important ones. More will be added as you hear of them.

*The Order of the White Rose
*Servants of Mazda

* The Office of the Mayor
* The City Council
*The City Watch


*Redwall Trade Council

Noble Houses
*House Yashim
*House Abbasid

*The Royal Family
*Peerage of Westford
*Peerage of Northumberland

Main Page

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