The Common Races:

Humans: Humans form a plurality, but not a majority, of citizens, comprising almost 1/2 of the population. They are present in all walks of life in the city, and have had a great hand in its development since its founding.


Dwarves: hardy and fastidious, dwarves have lived pecably side by side with humans for generations. While noble families of the two races do not intermarry, political power was, up until a few years ago, divided relatively evenly. Dwarves occupy all levels of society, from the dock workers and sailors, to cooks, to the four great noble houses. With the rise of The Order, several families are worried about becoming politicially marginilized, as the privately pious, relatively secular dwarves have no place in The Order.


Orcs, Half-Orcs: Orcs are not native here, and are typically brought on as slaves or mercenaries for visiting merhcants. Slavery is officially outlawed in [city], however in the interest of trade and good diplomacy, wealthy merchants are allowed to keep their slaves around, and escaped slaves are usually returned. In recent years, orcish privateers have found [city] to be a fine safe haven from the war, and all in all, cause less trouble than anyone thought.

Rarer Races

Gnomes: a relatively small fraction of the city are gnomes. Most are refugees from the recent wars across the bay. Most are just trying to get by, but some have taken to panhandling and thivery, and the patience of the city watch with the refugees grows thin.

Tieflings: humans with demonic ancestry. While rare, they make up approximately 1% of the city’s population. While not officially barred from owning property or officially barred from society, it is currently unheard of for a tiefling to marry into a noble house. Occasionally a wealthy merchant family will have an “accident,” and they do not get on with the Order.

Statistics (according to the official census, all figures to the nearest 1,000):
Population: 280,000
Humans: 130,000
Dwarves: 90,000
Halflings: 25,000
Half-Elves: 5,000
Elves: 10,000
Orcs: 5,000
Tieflings: ~2,500
Gnomes: ~2,500
Other: 10,000 (Nezumi, Half-Ogres, Gnolls, Kobolds, Lizardfolk, and more)


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